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Is There A Cure?
Bro. Wilson

Cancer can be treated successfully.  In many instances it can be completely cured.  Countless people who have been treated for cancer have lived and are living healthy lives today, with no sign or symptoms of the disease.  Yes, cancer is definitely curable.   I placed a lot of emphasis on that statement because it is important for you to believe it.  In the past 15 years, following God's plan, I have experienced many victories over the disease and have resolved 50% of fourth stage cancer.  Dear reader, a 50% success rate dealing with fourth stage cancer is an extremely high rate.  So, don't be dismay, God is able.

There is no reason to run from the idea of cancer.  Face it squarely and keep in mind that you are in a war for your life.  You will see that it is actually far less terrible than most people imagine.  The very word cancer is horrible to most people.  The fear of this disease casts a shadow on lives which cancer itself will never touch.  Those on whom it does lay a hand often become so terror-stricken they are unable to fight back.  I knew a lovely woman, previously well balanced, who did everything her doctor said, using all the "right" drugs, chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery.  But after trying everything, the doctor told her there was nothing else he could do.  So she became emotionally paralyzed by the appearance of a lump in her breast.  She did absolutely nothing about it until her friends could actually notice the lump in her bosom and by that time it was too late.

The Bible says, "The heart of men are failing them for fear."  Why, because they have no hope, no security and they are ignorant.  Ignorant of the fact that there is a problem solver and his name is Jesus Christ.  Jesus is saying to us, "I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth."  So, why are people still dying of cancer.  The reasons vary, but they usually include some, or all of the following:

  • Despite the progress that has been made in treating this disease, old attitudes persist.  In the past, there was little if anything people could do for themselves, some people still believe that.
  • Today, cancer is the second killer among diseases.  So, dismay and hopelessness sets in when they are diagnosed with cancer.  There really is that cancer is not a respecter of person and it kills whomever develops it.

There are many reasons for regarding cancer as a serious enemy, but there is no reason to panic.  Yes, there is a war going on and we are caught in the crossfire.  Yes cancer seem to have the upper hand, and pharmaceutical medicine is losing the war on cancer, but be not dismayed for God has another plan.  The employment of natural remedies will completely annihilate the enemy and give you the victory.  Dear reader, there is healing in Jesus Christ.  Just trust and obey His natural way and health in every sense of the word will attend your life.  

Friends, you don't have to be diseased and dying for there is healing in Jesus Christ.  Chemotherapy, radiation and surgery only makes matters worse.  God has another plan and it works.  Yes, friends, He can remove the torn out of your flesh, cancer is curable.  Read the testimony of many by clicking on Testimony

If you have cancer, we have four options for healing:

  1. Visit our online store and secure our book Back to Adam on CD or as a book. The book includes many cancer programs in an easy to follow outline.  Treat yourself and become cancer free.  Many people go this route because they cannot afford to visit the clinic, and that is primary reason why I made the book available on CD as well.  The instructions that are in the book are the same procedures I follow at the clinic.  All the knowledge I have acquired over the past 20+ years are compiled in my book BACK TO ADAM.
  2. Visit our Natural Remedies Information Site - Search our database online for your condition and the related herbal remedy - Clinic and online database use identical herbal remedies.  Find remedy now!! 
  3. If it is a delicate situation, and you require supervised treatment, then you can visit our  Bible School of health/clinic.  Call us at (731)925-5068 or email us - Email   
  4. We can customize a structured Video Tape Program as well.  For more information call us at the number above.

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