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Woman - Ages 65 She had a marble sized tumor in her breast.  I applied the salve twice in five days, covering the salve each time.  In three days, I took off the bandage and the tumor came out with the bandage.  There was no bleeding, no swelling, no infection, and the breast healed over in about two weeks.
John - Male (72) Had a tumor on his head.  I applied the Herbal Salve over the tumor for five days and the tumor was completely removed.
G.W. - Female (51) With colon cancer and cancer of the rectum, was given and Herbal Surgery suppository in the rectum for weeks, and the cancerous tumor was expelled.
Female - Aged 35 With colon cancer was injected with Herbal Oral Surgery with a retention enema three times daily.  Also, she was given an herbal colon cleanser.  This completely removed the cancer.
Male - Aged 55 Had a large tumor on the side of his lung.  I applied Herbal Surgery to the lump over a two week period.  The salve drew the tumor out and release the pressure from the growth.
Male - Aged 34 He had a piece of wood stuck in his finger.  Old, dead tissue formed around the wood.  After two applications of the salve, this removed the dead flesh.
Male - Aged 60 With a tumor on his back had Herbal Surgery applied three times.  This completely removed the tumor.

I removed many warts, polyps and tumors over the last 15 years.  

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