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Types of Cancer

We have a solution for the following types of cancer 

Brain Tumor Oral Cancer Female Conditions Kloss Cancer Program Hoxsey Formula Malignant Lymphomas
Lymphatic Gland Disease Pineal Gland Cancer Pineal Gland, Brain and Lung Bone Marrow Leukemia & Lymphoma T Cell Bone Tumor I & II
Bone & Spinal Tumor Muscle Tumors Nervous System Tumor Thyroid Cancer Pituitary Tumor Endocrine Cancer
Gall Bladder Bile Duct Cancer Heart Tumors Multiple Myeloma Mouth & Tongue Tumor Lung Cancer I
Henry Lung Cancer Program Pancreatic Cancer Blowel & Gland Cancer Colon & Liver Cancer Rectal  Rectum Cancer Colon Polyps
Rectal Bleeding Growth in Mouth Throat and Tonsils Esophageal Cancer Bladder & Kidney Cancer Cancer in Children
Hodgkin's Disease Cancer of the Blood Brain Cancer in Children Kidney Cancer in Children Cervical Cancer Cervical Polyps
Ovarian Cancer Uterine Cancer Cancer of the Vulva Breast and Silicon Cancer Thymus Tumor Lymphoma
Stomach Cancer Skin Cancer Connective Tissue Cancer Squamous Cell Cancer Kaposi's Sarcoma  Basil Cells
Multiple Myeloma Testicular Cancer Penis Cancer Prostate Cancer Blood Cancer in Children Cancer of any Organ

If you have cancer and would like our help click on Requesting Help and fill out the request form.  We will respond immediately via email.  Our Bible School  of Health is almost always booked, therefore we have three alternate methods of resolving your issue:

  • You can visit our online store and secure a copy of our book Back to Adam (Complete Cancer Program).  This book address many different medical problems as well.
  • Visit our Natural Remedies Information Site - Search our database online for your condition and the related herbal remedy - Clinic and online database use identical herbal remedies.  Find remedy now!!
  • We can customize a video tape to address your specific problem - Learn More

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