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Online Herbal Remedies - Wednesday, June 25, 2003 at 11:13

This section contains a compilation of over 300 complete herbal remedies, bringing hope to all who are suffering with AIDS, cancer, feminine problems and a host of other diseases.  Visit now...

The content of this section are the information contained in our book "Back To Adam." Most people, if possible, would like to keep certain conditions private. For example, some of our A.I.D.S patients gets very uncomfortable when talking about their illness. Therefore, this members page allow such individuals to receive the same information as if they were at our clinic in the privacy of their home. Patients with female and sexually transmitted diseases are generally uncomfortable as well. This section contains over 300 hundred natural remedies for conditions ranging from a common cold to A.I.D.S and cancer.

We are donation operated, therefore we have three donation package:
1.  $12.99 per month
2.  $33.00 for three months
3.  $98.00 per year.

This section contains information on the following as well:
- Food Combining Chart
- Weight Control
- The Eight Laws of Health
- Pregnancy Calculator
- Body Mass Calculator
- Calories Calculator
- Food Content
- Healing Food
- Recipes
- Food Ingredient List

This section is really an invaluable resource.


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